Activities and App Settings

These settings allow you to customize each preloaded activity app based on your needs.‍ For example, you can customize data pages and enable alerts and training features.‍ Not all settings are available for all activity types.

Hold MENU, select Activities & Apps, select an activity, and select the activity settings.

3D Distance

Calculates your distance traveled using your elevation change and your horizontal movement over ground.

3D Speed

Calculates your speed using your elevation change and your horizontal movement over ground.

Add Activity

Allows you to customize a multisport activity.


Sets the training or navigation alerts for the activity.

Auto Climb

Enables the watch to detect elevation changes automatically using the built-in altimeter (Enabling Auto Climb).

Auto Lap

Sets the options for the Auto Lap® feature to automatically mark laps. The Auto Distance option marks laps at a specific distance. The Auto Position option marks laps at a location where you previously pressed SET. When you complete a lap, a customizable lap alert message appears. This feature is helpful for comparing your performance over different parts of an activity.

Auto Pause

Sets the options for the Auto Pause® feature to stop recording data when you stop moving or when you drop below a specified speed. This feature is helpful if your activity includes stop lights or other places where you must stop.

Auto Rest

Enables the watch to automatically detect when you are resting during a pool swim and create a rest interval (Auto Rest and Manual Rest).

Auto Run

Enables the watch to detect ski or windsurf runs automatically using the built-in accelerometer. For the windsurf activity, you can set speed and distance thresholds for automatically starting a run.

Auto Scroll

Sets the watch to scroll through all of the activity data screens automatically while the activity timer is running.

Background Color

Sets the background color of each activity to black or white.

Big Numbers

Changes the size of the numbers on the activity data screens.

Broadcast Heart Rate

Enables automatic heart rate data broadcasting when you start the activity (Broadcasting Heart Rate Data).

Countdown Start

Enables a countdown timer for pool swimming intervals.

Data Screens

Enables you to customize data screens and add new data screens for the activity (Customizing the Data Screens).

Edit Weight

Allows you to add the weight used for an exercise set during a strength training or cardio activity.

Golf Distance

Sets the unit of measure used while playing golf.

Grading System

Sets the grading system for rating the route difficulty for a rock climbing activity.

Lane Number

Sets your lane number for track running.

Lap Key

Enables or disables the SET button for recording a lap, set, or rest during the activity.

Lock Device

Locks the buttons during a multisport activity to prevent inadvertent button presses.


Plays tones or vibrates at a steady rhythm to help you improve your performance by training at a faster, slower, or more consistent cadence. You can set the beats per minute (bpm) of the cadence you want to maintain, beat frequency, and sound settings.

Mode Tracking

Enables or disables automatic ascent or descent mode tracking for backcountry skiing and snowboarding.

Obstacle Tracking

Enables the watch to save obstacle locations from your first loop of the course. On repeat loops of the course, the watch uses the saved locations to switch between obstacle and running intervals (Recording an Obstacle Racing Activity).


Enables penalty stroke tracking while playing golf (Recording Statistics).

Pool Size

Sets the pool length for pool swimming.

Power Averaging

Controls whether the watch includes zero values for power data that occur when you are not pedaling.

Power Mode

Sets the default power mode for the activity.

Power Save Timeout

Sets the power-save timeout length for how long your watch stays in training mode, for example, when you are waiting for a race to start. The Normal option sets the watch to enter low-power watch mode after 5 minutes of inactivity. The Extended option sets the watch to enter low-power watch mode after 25 minutes of inactivity. The extended mode can result in shorter battery life between charges.

Record Activity

Enables activity FIT file recording for golf activities. FIT files record fitness information that is tailored for Garmin Connect™.

Record After Sunset

Sets the watch to record track points after sunset during an expedition.

Record Temperature

Records the ambient temperature around the watch during certain activities.

Record VO2 Max.

Enables VO2 max. recording for trail run activities.

Recording Interval

Sets the frequency for recording track points during an expedition. By default, GPS track points are recorded once an hour, and they are not recorded after sunset. Recording track points less frequently maximizes battery life.


Sets the activity name.

Rep Counting

Enables or disables rep counting during a workout. The Workouts Only option enables rep counting during guided workouts only.


Enables the Repeat option for multisport activities. For example, you can use this option for activities that include multiple transitions, such as a swimrun.

Restore Defaults

Allows you to reset the activity settings.

Route Stats

Enables route statistics tracking for indoor climbing activities.

Running Power

Allows you to record running power data and customize the settings (Running Power Settings).


Sets the satellite system to use for the activity (Satellite Settings).


Enables or disables scorekeeping automatically when you start a round of golf.


Enables advanced speed metrics for windsurf activity runs.

Stat Tracking

Enables statistics tracking while playing golf (Recording Statistics).


Sets the LED flashlight strobe mode, speed, and color during the activity.

Stroke Detect.

Enables stroke detection for pool swimming.


Enables transitions for multisport activities.

Vibration Alerts

Enables alerts that notify you to inhale or exhale during a breathwork activity.

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