Tips for Swimming Activities

  • Press LAP to record an interval during open water swimming.
  • Before starting a pool swimming activity, follow the on-screen instructions to select your pool size or enter a custom size.

    The watch measures and records distance by completed pool lengths. The pool size must be correct to display accurate distance. The next time you start a pool swimming activity, the watch uses this pool size. You can hold MENU, select the activity settings, and select Pool Size to change the size.

  • For accurate results, swim the entire pool length, and use one stroke type for the entire length. Pause the activity timer when resting.
  • Press LAP to record a rest during pool swimming (Auto Rest and Manual Rest).

    The watch automatically records swim intervals and lengths for pool swimming.

  • To help the watch count your lengths, use a strong push off the wall and glide before your first stroke.
  • When doing drills, you must either pause the activity timer or use the drill logging feature (Training with the Drill Log).
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