Going Fishing

  1. From the watch face, press Start button.
  2. Select Fish.
  3. Press Start button > Start Fish.
  4. Press Start button, and select an option:
    • To add the catch to your fish count and save the location, select Log Catch.

    • To save your current location, select Save Location.

    • To set an interval timer, end time, or end time reminder for the activity, select Fish Timers.

    • To navigate back to the starting point of your activity, select Back to Start, and select an option.

    • To view your saved locations, select Saved Locations.

    • To navigate to a destination, select Navigation, and select an option.

    • To edit the activity settings, select Settings, and select an option (Activities and App Settings).

  5. After you complete your activity, press Stop button, and select End Fish.
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