Using the Stopwatch

  1. From the watch face, hold MENU.
  2. Select Clocks > STOPWATCH.
  3. Press Start button to start the timer.
  4. Press LAP to restart the lap timer Callout number one.

    Screenshot of the stopwatch with callouts

    The total stopwatch time Callout number two continues running.

  5. Press Stop button to stop both timers.
  6. Select an option:
    • To reset both timers, press DOWN.

    • To save the stopwatch time as an activity, press MENU, and select Save Activity.

    • To reset the timers and exit the stopwatch, press MENU, and select Done.

    • To review the lap timers, press MENU, and select Review.
      NOTE: The Review option only appears if there have been multiple laps.
    • To return to the watch face without resetting the timers, press MENU, and select Go to Watchface.

    • To enable or disable lap recording, press MENU, and select Lap Key.

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