Map Settings

You can customize how the map appears in the map app and data screens.

NOTE: If necessary, you can customize the map settings for specific activities instead of using the system settings (Activity Map Settings).

Hold MENU, and select Map.

Map Theme

Sets the map to display data optimized for your activity type (Map Themes).


Sets the orientation of the map. The North Up option shows north at the top of the screen. The Track Up option shows your current direction of travel at the top of the screen.

User Locations

Shows or hides saved locations on the map.

Auto Zoom

Automatically selects the zoom level for optimal use of your map. When disabled, you must zoom in or out manually.

Lock on Road

Locks the position icon, which represents your position on the map, onto the nearest road.

Track Log

Shows or hides the track log, or the path you have traveled, as a colored line on the map.

Track Color

Changes the track log color.


Sets the amount of detail shown on the map. Showing more detail may cause the map to redraw more slowly.


Sets the map to display data in marine mode (Marine Map Settings).

Draw Segments

Shows or hides segments, as a colored line on the map.

Draw Contours

Shows or hides contour lines on the map.

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