Training Status Levels

Training status shows you how your training affects your fitness level and performance. Your training status is based on changes to your VO2 max., acute load, and HRV status over an extended time period. You can use your training status to help plan future training and continue improving your fitness level.

No Status

The watch needs you to record multiple activities over two weeks, with VO2 max. results from running or cycling, to determine your training status.


You have a break in your training routine or you are training much less than usual for a week or more. Detraining means that you are unable to maintain your fitness level. You can try increasing your training load to see improvement.


Your lighter training load is allowing your body to recover, which is essential during extended periods of hard training. You can return to a higher training load when you feel ready.


Your current training load is enough to maintain your fitness level. To see improvement, try adding more variety to your workouts or increasing your training volume.


Your current training load is moving your fitness level and performance in the right direction. You should plan recovery periods into your training to maintain your fitness level.


You are in ideal race condition. Your recently reduced training load is allowing your body to recover and fully compensate for earlier training. You should plan ahead, since this peak state can only be maintained for a short time.


Your training load is very high and counterproductive. Your body needs a rest. You should give yourself time to recover by adding lighter training to your schedule.


Your training load is at a good level, but your fitness is decreasing. Try focusing on rest, nutrition, and stress management.


There is imbalance between your recovery and training load. It is a normal result after a hard training or major event. Your body may be struggling to recover, so you should pay attention to your overall health.

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