Installing the GSC 10

NOTE: If you do not have a GSC™ 10, you can skip this task.

Both magnets must be aligned with their respective indication lines for the Edge® to receive data.

  1. Place the GSC 10 on the rear chain stay (on the side opposite the drive train).
  2. If necessary, place the flat rubber pad Callout number one or the triangle-shaped rubber pad between the GSC 10 and the chain stay for stability.

  3. Loosely attach the GSC 10 using two cable ties Callout number two.
  4. Attach the pedal magnet Callout number three to the crank arm using the adhesive mount and a cable tie Callout number four.

    The pedal magnet must be within 5 mm of the GSC 10. The indication line Callout number five on the pedal magnet must line up with the indication line Callout number six on the GSC 10.

  5. Unscrew the spoke magnet Callout number seven from the plastic piece.

  6. Place the spoke in the groove of the plastic piece, and tighten it slightly.

    The spoke magnet can face away from the GSC 10 if there is not enough room between the sensor arm and the spoke. The spoke magnet must line up with the indication line Callout number eight on the sensor arm.

  7. Loosen the screw Callout number nine on the sensor arm.
  8. Move the sensor arm to within 5 mm of the spoke magnet.

    You can also tilt the GSC 10 closer to either magnet to improve alignment.

  9. Select Reset Callout number ten on the GSC 10.

    The LED turns red, then green.

  10. Pedal to test the sensor alignment.

    The red LED blinks each time the pedal magnet passes the sensor. The green LED blinks each time the spoke magnet passes the sensor arm.

    NOTE: The LED blinks for the first 60 passes after a reset. Select Reset again if you require additional passes.
  11. When everything is aligned and working correctly, tighten the cable ties, the sensor arm, and the spoke magnet.

    Garmin® recommends that the torque is 1.9 to 2.4 lbf-in. (0.21 to 0.27 N-m) to ensure a water tight seal on the GSC 10 sensor arm.

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