Device Settings

The device settings allow you to customize the device for your needs.

From the main menu, select Device settings symbol.


Sets the appearance and timeout of the pins on your bow sight (Pin Settings).

Align Reticle

Turns on the rangefinder reticle and primary pin. You can use this option to align the rangefinder reticle and primary pin, as needed.

Laser Locations

Sets the broadcast mode for laser locations (Laser Location Settings).

NOTE: This setting is available only on A1i models.
Shot Dynamics

Enables or disables shot notifications and clears shot history (Shot Dynamics Settings).

NOTE: Some shot measurements are available only on A1i models.

Sets the units of measurement used by the device (Units Settings).


Sets the device language.


Displays the angle of the bow and allows you to display a level indicator when shooting (Level Settings).

Calibrate Compass

Allows you to calibrate the compass if you experience irregular compass behavior, for example, after moving long distances or after extreme temperature changes (Calibrating the Compass).

NOTE: This setting is available only on A1i models.
Manual Adjustment

Sets the position of pins within the device optic. You can move the position of the calibrated range stack (Moving the Calibrated Range Stack) or customize the position of the top pin (Customizing the Position of the Top Pin).

Reset All Settings

Resets all settings to factory default values.


Displays regulatory and compliance information.

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