The point of impact moves between shots

There are several factors that can cause variations in the point of impact.

  • Verify the screws that connect the mount to the riser are tightened to the maximum torque specification of 6.7 N-m (60 lbf-in) and the mount cannot be moved on the bow.
    NOTE: Do not exceed the bow manufacturer's recommended torque values.
  • Verify each adjustment point on the mount is tightened to the maximum torque specification of 2.2 N-m (20 lbf-in).
  • Verify you are using the correct arrow profile for the arrow you are using (A1i models only).
  • Range your shots consistently at full draw or at rest.
  • Inspect your bow and confirm all components are in good working condition.
  • Always use consistent form when shooting a bow. Variations in stance and peep sight placement can affect accuracy.
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