Aligning the Rangefinder with the Primary Pin

The circular rangefinder reticle indicates the direction the laser rangefinder is pointing. For best accuracy, you must align the circular rangefinder reticle with the primary pin.

  1. Nock an arrow.
  2. Bring the bow to full draw, and align the peep sight with the sight housing ring.
  3. Observe the arrows Callout number one on the rangefinder reticle.

    The arrows indicate the direction you must move the curved adjustments on the mount. Each arrow in the optic corresponds with one degree of adjustment on the curved rails.

    View of arrows through the peep sight with callouts
  4. Using a 7/64 inch hex wrench, adjust the curved vertical Callout number two and curved horizontal Callout number three adjustments on the mount in the directions the arrows indicate. For example, if the arrows point up and right, move the curved mount pieces up and right.

    Diagram of the vertical and horizontal adjustments on the mount with callouts
    TIP: Each mark on the curved adjustments indicates one degree. Garmin® recommends moving the curved rails in small increments as indicated by the arrows in the optic when making adjustments.
  5. Continue adjusting the mounts until the primary pin is centered in the circle of the rangefinder reticle Callout number four at full draw.

    View of the primary pin through the peep sight with callouts
  6. Tighten the curved adjustments to 2.2 N-m (20 lbf-in).
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