Recording an Activity with Connected GPS

You can connect the device to your smartphone to record GPS data for your walk, run, or bike activity.

  1. Press Touch button symbol to view the menu.
  2. Select Activity menu symbol.
  3. Select Walk symbol, Run symbol, or Bike activity symbol.
  4. Open the Garmin Connect™ app.
    NOTE: If you cannot connect the device to your smartphone, you can select Dismiss symbol to continue the activity. GPS data will not be recorded.
  5. Double-tap the touchscreen to start the activity timer.
  6. Start your activity.

    Your phone must be in range during the activity.

  7. After you complete your activity, double-tap the touchscreen to stop the activity timer.
  8. Select an option:
    • Select Checkmark symbol to save the activity.

    • Select Delete symbol > Checkmark symbol to delete the activity.

    • Select Start symbol to resume the activity.

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November 2023