Watch Settings

You can customize some settings on your Lily® watch. Additional settings can be customized on your Garmin Connect™ account.

Press Touch button symbol to view the menu, and select Settings symbol.

Hydration alert symbol

Sets a hydration alert (Setting a Hydration Alert).

V02 max. symbol

Displays your VO2 max. estimate (Getting Your VO2 Max. Estimate).

Wrist heart rate settings symbol

Allows you to adjust heart rate settings (Wrist Heart Rate Monitor Settings).

Morning report symbol

Allows you to select the options that appear in the morning report.

Phone Bluetooth symbol

Allows you to pair your phone, sync with the Garmin Connect app, and adjust Bluetooth® settings (Bluetooth Settings).

System settings symbol

Allows you to adjust the system settings (System Settings).

Information symbol

Displays the unit ID, software version, regulatory information, license agreement, and more (Viewing Device Information).

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November 2023