System Settings

Press Touch button symbol to view the menu, and select Settings symbol > System settings symbol.


Sets the brightness level of the display. You can use the Auto option to automatically adjust the brightness based on the ambient light, or manually adjust the brightness level (Setting the Brightness Level).

NOTE: A higher brightness level decreases battery life.
Alert Vibration

Sets the vibration level (Setting the Vibration Level).

NOTE: A higher vibration level decreases battery life.

Sets the length of time before the display turns off. This option impacts the battery and display life.

Gesture Mode

Sets the display to turn on when you rotate your wrist toward your body to view the device. You can use the Only During Activity option to use this feature only during timed activities.

Gesture Sensitivity

Adjusts the gesture sensitivity to turn on the display more or less often.

NOTE: A higher gesture sensitivity level decreases battery life.
Controls Menu

Allows you to edit the controls menu (Customizing the Controls Menu).


Allows you to delete user data and reset settings (Restoring All Default Settings).

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November 2023