Viewing Your Stress Score

Before you can view your stress score, you must put on a heart rate monitor and pair it with your device (Pairing ANT‍+ Sensors).

Stress score is the result of a three-minute test performed while standing still, where the Forerunner® device analyzes heart rate variability to determine your overall stress. Training, sleep, nutrition, and general life stress all impact how a runner performs. The stress score range is 1 to 100, where 1 is a very low stress state, and 100 is a very high stress state. Knowing your stress score can help you decide if your body is ready for a tough training run or yoga.

TIP: Garmin® recommends that you measure your stress score at approximately the same time and under the same conditions every day.
  1. Select Apps > Stress Score > Measure.
  2. Stand still, and rest for 3 minutes.

    Stress level data
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