Viewing Hazards

You can view distances to hazards along the fairway for par 4 and 5 holes. Hazards that affect shot selection are displayed individually or in groups to help you determine the distance to layup or carry.

  1. From the hole information screen, select Start > Hazards.

    Screenshot of hazards with callouts
    • The distances to the front Callout number one and back Callout number two of the nearest hazard appear on the screen.

    • The hazard type Callout number three is listed at the top of the screen.

    • The green is represented as a half circle Callout number four at the top of the screen. The line below the green represents the center of the fairway.

    • Hazards Callout number five are shown below the green in approximate locations relative to the fairway.

  2. Select UP or DOWN to view other hazards for the current hole.
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