Recording a Strength Training Activity

You can record sets during a strength training activity. A set is multiple repetitions (reps) of a single move.

  1. From the watch face, select Start > Strength.

    The first time you record a strength training activity, you will select which wrist your watch is on.

  2. Select Start to start the set timer.
  3. Start your first set.

    The device counts your reps. Your rep count appears when you complete at least four reps.

    TIP: The device can only count reps of a single move for each set. When you want to change moves, you should finish the set and start a new one.
  4. Select LAP to finish the set.

    The watch displays the total reps for the set. After several seconds, the rest timer appears.

  5. If necessary, select DOWN, and edit the number of reps.
    TIP: You can also add the weight used for the set.
  6. When you are done resting, select LAP to start your next set.
  7. Repeat for each strength training set until your activity is complete.
  8. After your last set, select Start to stop the set timer.
  9. Select Save.
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