The Edge® has several ways for you to customize the device, including profiles. Profiles are a collection of settings that optimize your device based on how you are using it. For example, you can create different settings and views for training and mountain biking.

When you are using a profile and you change settings such as data fields or units of measurement, the changes are saved automatically as part of the profile.

Activity Profiles

You can create activity profiles for each type of biking. For example, you can create a separate activity profile for training, for racing, and for mountain biking. The activity profile includes customized data pages, activity totals, alerts, training zones (such as heart rate and speed), training settings (such as Auto Pause® and Auto Lap®), and navigation settings.

User Profile

You can update your gender, age, weight, height, and lifetime athlete settings. The device uses this information to calculate accurate ride data.

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