Replacing the Speed Sensor or Cadence Sensor Battery

The LED flashes red to indicate a low battery level after two revolutions.

  1. Locate the circular battery cover Callout number one on the back of the sensor.

  2. Twist the cover counter-clockwise until the marker points to unlocked and the cover is loose enough to remove.
  3. Remove the cover and the battery Callout number two.
    TIP: You can use a piece of tape Callout number three or a magnet to remove the battery from the cover.

  4. Wait 30 seconds.
  5. Insert the new battery into the cover, observing polarity.
    NOTE: Do not damage or lose the O-ring gasket.
  6. Twist the cover clockwise until the marker points to locked.
    NOTE: The LED flashes red and green for a few seconds after battery replacement. When the LED flashes green and then stops flashing, the device is active and ready to send data.