Bluetooth Connected Features

The Edge® device has Bluetooth® connected features for your compatible smartphone or fitness device. Some features require you to install the Garmin Connect™ Mobile app on your smartphone. Go to for more information.

NOTE: Your device must be connected to your Bluetooth enabled smartphone to take advantage of some features.

Allows friends and family to follow your races and training activities in real time. You can invite followers using email or social media, allowing them to view your live data on a Garmin Connect tracking page.

Activity uploads to Garmin Connect

Automatically sends your activity to Garmin Connect as soon as you finish recording the activity.

Course, segment, and workout downloads from Garmin Connect

Allows you to search for activities on Garmin Connect using your smartphone and send them to your device.

Device to device transfers

Allows you to wirelessly transfer files to another compatible Edge device.

Social media interactions

Allows you to post an update to your favorite social media website when you upload an activity to Garmin Connect.

Weather updates

Sends real-time weather conditions and alerts to your device.


Displays phone notifications and messages on your device.

Incident detection

Allows the Garmin Connect Mobile app to send a message to your emergency contacts when the Edge device detects an incident.

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