Racing a Segment

Segments are virtual race courses. You can race a segment, and compare your performance to past activities, other riders' performance, connections in your Garmin Connect™ account, or other members of the cycling community. You can upload your activity data to your Garmin Connect account to view your segment position.
NOTE: If your Garmin Connect account and Strava™ account are linked, your activity is automatically sent to your Strava account so you can review the segment position.
  1. Select to start the timer, and go for a ride.

    When your path crosses an enabled segment, you can race the segment.

  2. Start racing the segment.
  3. Scroll to the Virtual Partner® screen to view your progress.
  4. If necessary, select to change your goal during your race.

    You can race against the group leader, challenger, or other riders (if applicable).

A message appears when the segment is complete.