Getting Your VO2 Max. Estimate

Before you can view your VO2 max. estimate, you must put on the heart rate monitor, install the power meter, and pair them with your device (Pairing Your Wireless Sensors). If your device was packaged with a heart rate monitor, the device and sensor are already paired. For the most accurate estimate, complete the user profile setup (Setting Up Your User Profile), and set your maximum heart rate (Setting Your Heart Rate Zones).

NOTE: The estimate may seem inaccurate at first. The device requires a few rides to learn about your cycling performance.
  1. Ride at a steady, high intensity for at least 20 minutes.
  2. After your ride, select Save Ride.
  3. Select My Stats > Training Status > VO2 Max..

    Your VO2 max. estimate appears as a number and position on the color gauge.

    VO2 max. data

    Purple Purple


    Blue Blue


    Green Green


    Orange Orange


    Red Red


    VO2 max. data and analysis is provided with permission from The Cooper Institute®. For more information, see the appendix (VO2 Max. Standard Ratings), and go to

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