Setting the Scroll Speed

You can set the rate at which the sonar image moves across the screen. A higher scroll speed shows more detail, especially while moving or trolling. A lower scroll speed displays sonar information on the screen longer. Setting the scroll speed on one sonar view applies to all the sonar views.

  1. From a sonar view, select Menu button > Sonar Setup > Scroll Speed.
  2. Select an option:
    • To adjust the scroll speed automatically using speed-over-ground, select Auto.

      The Auto setting selects a scroll rate to match the boat speed, so targets in the water are drawn with the correct aspect ratio and appear less distorted. When viewing Garmin ClearVü™ or SideVü sonar views, it is recommend to use the Auto setting.

    • To use a very fast scroll speed, select Ultrascroll®.

      The Ultrascroll option quickly scrolls new sonar data, but with a reduced image quality. For most situations, the Fast option provides a good balance between a quickly scrolling image and targets that are less distorted.

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