Selecting the Transducer Type

If you are connecting a transducer that was not included with the device, you may need to set the transducer type to make the sonar function properly. Before connecting the transducer, you should select the transducer type. The transducer name should be listed on the label on the transducer cable, near the connector.

This device is compatible with a range of accessory transducers, including Garmin ClearVü™ transducers, which are available at

  1. Select Settings > My Vessel > Transducer Type.
  2. Select an option:
    • If you have a 200/77 kHz, dual-beam transducer, select Dual Beam (200/77 kHz).

    • If you have a 200/50 kHz, dual-frequency transducer, select Dual Frequency (200/50 kHz).

    • If you have another type of transducer, select it from the list.

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