Adjusting the Zoom

You can adjust the zoom manually by specifying the span and a fixed starting depth. For example, when the depth is 15 m and the starting depth is 5 m, the device displays a magnified area from 5 to 20 m deep.

You also can allow the device to adjust the zoom automatically by specifying a span. The device calculates the zoom area from the bottom of the water. For example, if you select a span of 10 m, the device displays an magnified area from the bottom of the water to 10 m above the bottom.

  1. From a sonar screen, select Menu button > Zoom.
  2. Select an option:
    • Select Bottom Lock to lock the screen to the water bottom.

    • Select Manual to manually set the zoom.

    • Select Auto to automatically set the zoom.

    • Select Split Zoom to turn on the split-zoom view.

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