Getting Started with the ActiveCaptain App

NOTE: The ActiveCaptain® feature is only available on STRIKER™ Plus 7 and STRIKER Plus 9 models, which have Wi‑Fi® technology.

You can connect a mobile device to the STRIKER Plus device using the ActiveCaptain app. The app provides a quick and easy way for you to interact with your chartplotter and complete such tasks as sharing data, registering, updating the device software, and receiving mobile device notifications.

  1. From the STRIKER Plus device, select ActiveCaptain.
  2. From the ActiveCaptain page, select Wi-Fi Network > Wi-Fi > On.
  3. Enter a name and password for this network.
  4. From the application store on your mobile device, install and open the ActiveCaptain app.
  5. Bring the mobile device within 24 m (80 ft.) of the STRIKER Plus device.
  6. From your mobile device settings, open the Wi‑Fi connections page and connect to the Garmin® device, using the name and password you entered in the Garmin device.
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