Activity Settings

These settings allow you to customize each preloaded activity app based on your needs.‍ For example, you can customize data pages and enable alerts and training features.‍ Not all settings are available for all activity types.

Hold Menu symbol, select Settings > Activities & Apps, select an activity, and select the activity settings.

3D Distance

Calculates your distance traveled using your elevation change and your horizontal movement over ground.

3D Speed

Calculates your speed using your elevation change and your horizontal movement over ground (3D Speed and Distance).

Accent Color

Sets the accent color of each activity to help identify which activity is active.


Sets the training or navigation alerts for the activity.

Auto Climb

Enables the device to detect elevation changes automatically using the built-in altimeter.

Auto Lap

Sets the options for the Auto Lap® feature (Marking Laps by Distance).

Auto Pause

Sets the device to stop recording data when you stop moving or when you drop below a specified speed (Enabling Auto Pause).

Auto Run

Enables the device to detect ski runs automatically using the built-in accelerometer.

Auto Scroll

Enables you to move through all of the activity data screens automatically while the timer is running (Using Auto Scroll).

Auto Set

Enables the device to start and stop exercise sets automatically during a strength training activity.

Background Color

Sets the background color of each activity to black or white.

Countdown Start

Enables a countdown timer for pool swimming intervals.

Data Screens

Enables you to customize data screens and add new data screens for the activity (Customizing the Data Screens).

Edit Weight

Allows the user to add and edit the weight used during a rep counting activity.


Sets the mode for the GPS antenna. Using GPS + GLONASS or GPS + GALILEO provides increased performance in challenging environments and faster position acquisition (GPS and Other Satellite Systems). Using the UltraTrac option records track points and sensor data less frequently (UltraTrac).

Lock Keys

Locks the keys during multisport activities to prevent accidental key presses.


Plays tones at a steady rhythm to help you improve your performance by training at a faster, slower, or more consistent cadence (Using the Metronome).

Pool Size

Sets the pool length for pool swimming.

Power Save Timeout

Sets the power-save timeout setting for the activity (Power Save Timeout Settings).


Sets the activity name.

Rep Counting

Enables the device to count your reps during a strength training activity.


Enables the repeat option for multisport activities. For example, you can use this option for activities that include multiple transitions, such as a swimrun.

Restore Defaults

Allows you to reset the activity settings.

Segment Alerts

Enables prompts that alert you to approaching segments.

Stroke Detect.

Enables stroke detection for pool swimming.


Enables transitions for multisport activities.

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