Broadcasting Heart Rate Data to Garmin® Devices

You can broadcast your heart rate data from your Forerunner® device and view it on paired Garmin devices. For example, you can broadcast your heart rate data to an Edge® device while cycling, or to a VIRB® action camera during an activity.

NOTE: Broadcasting heart rate data decreases battery life.
  1. From the heart rate widget, hold .
  2. Select Options.
  3. Select an option:
    • Select Broadcast Heart Rate to start broadcasting heart rate data now.

    • Select Broadcast During Activity to broadcast heart rate during timed activities (Starting an Activity).

    The Forerunner device starts broadcasting your heart rate data, and appears.

    NOTE: You can view only the heart rate widget while broadcasting heart rate data.
  4. Pair your Forerunner device with your Garmin ANT‍+® compatible device.
    NOTE: The pairing instructions differ for each Garmin compatible device. See your owner's manual.
    TIP: To stop broadcasting your heart rate data, select any key, and select Yes.