Tips for Pairing ANT‍+® Accessories with Your Garmin® Device

  • Verify that the ANT‍+ accessory is compatible with your Garmin device.
  • Before you pair the ANT‍+ accessory with your Garmin device, move 10 m (33 ft.) away from other ANT‍+ accessories.
  • Bring the Garmin device within range 3 m (10 ft.) of the ANT‍+ accessory.
  • After you pair the first time, your Garmin device automatically recognizes the ANT‍+ accessory each time it is activated. This process occurs automatically when you turn on the Garmin device and only takes a few seconds when the accessories are activated and functioning correctly.
  • When paired, your Garmin device receives data from only your accessory, and you can go near other accessories.