System Settings

Hold Menu symbol, and select Settings > System.


Sets the language displayed on the device.


Adjusts the time settings (Time Settings).


Adjusts the backlight settings (Changing the Backlight Settings).


Sets the device sounds, such as key tones, alerts, and vibrations.

Do Not Disturb

Turns on or off do not disturb mode. Use the Sleep Time option to turn on do not disturb mode automatically during your normal sleep hours. You can set your normal sleep hours on your Garmin Connect™ account.

Hot Keys

Allows you to assign shortcuts to device keys (Customizing the Hot Keys).

Auto Lock

Allows you to lock the keys automatically to prevent accidental key presses. Use the During Activity option to lock the keys during a timed activity. Use the Not During Activity option to lock the keys when you are not recording a timed activity.


Sets the units of measure used on the device (Changing the Units of Measure).


Sets general format preferences, such as the pace and speed shown during activities, the start of the week, and geographical position format and datum options.

Data Recording

Sets how the device records activity data. The Smart recording option (default) allows for longer activity recordings. The Every Second recording option provides more detailed activity recordings, but may not record entire activities that last for longer periods of time.

USB Mode

Sets the device to use mass storage mode or Garmin® mode when connected to a computer.

Restore Defaults

Allows you to reset user data and settings (Restoring All Default Settings).

Software Update

Allows you to install software updates downloaded using Garmin Express™.

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