Activity App Settings

These settings allow you to customize each preloaded activity app based on your needs.‍ For example, you can customize data pages and enable alerts and training features.‍ Not all settings are available for all activity types.

Hold UP, select Settings > Apps, and select an activity.

Data Screens

Enables you to customize data screens for the activity (Customizing the Data Screens). You can also show or hide a map data screen for some activities.


Enables transitions for multisport activities.


Enables the repeat option for multisport activities. For example, you can use this option for activities that include multiple transitions, such as a swimrun.


Sets the training or navigation alerts for the activity.


Plays tones at a steady rhythm to help you improve your performance by training at a faster, slower, or more consistent cadence (Using the Metronome).

Auto Lap

Sets the options for the Auto Lap® feature (Auto Lap).

Auto Pause

Sets the device to stop recording data when you stop moving or when you drop below a specified speed (Enabling Auto Pause).

Auto Climb

Enables the device to detect elevation changes automatically using the built-in altimeter.

Auto Run

Enables the device to detect ski runs automatically using the built-in accelerometer.

3D Speed

Calculates your speed using your elevation change and your horizontal movement over ground (3D Speed and Distance).

3D Distance

Calculates your distance traveled using your elevation change and your horizontal movement over ground.

Lap Key

Enables you to record a lap or a rest during the activity.

Auto Scroll

Enables you to move through all of the activity data screens automatically while the timer is running (Using Auto Scroll).


Sets the mode for the GPS antenna (UltraTrac).

Pool Size

Sets the pool length for pool swimming (Going for a Pool Swim).

Stroke Detect.

Enables stroke detection for pool swimming.


Sets the power-save timeout setting for the activity (Power Save Timeout Settings).

Background Color

Sets the background color of each activity to black or white.

Accent Color

Sets the accent color of each activity to help identify which activity is active.


Shows or hides the activity in the apps list.

Move Up

Adjusts the position of the activity in the apps list.

Move Down

Adjusts the position of the activity in the apps list.


Deletes the activity.

NOTE: This deletes the activity from the apps list and all user-entered activity settings. You can restore all of the device settings to the factory default values to add a removed activity back to the list (Restoring All Default Settings).

Sets the activity name.

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