Going for a Ride

Before you go for a ride, you should charge the device (Charging the Device). Before you can use an ANT‍+® sensor for your ride, you must pair the sensor with your device (Pairing ANT‍+ Sensors).

  1. Pair your ANT‍+ sensors, such as a heart rate monitor, speed sensor, or cadence sensor (optional).
  2. From the clock, select START.
  3. Select Bike.
  4. When using optional ANT‍+ sensors, wait while the device connects to the sensors.
  5. Go outside, and wait while the device locates satellites.
  6. Select START to start the timer.

    History is recorded only while the timer is running.

  7. Start your activity.
  8. Select UP or DOWN to view additional data pages (optional).
  9. After you complete your activity, select STOP > Save.
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