Performance Condition

As you complete your activity, such as running or cycling, the performance condition feature analyzes your pace, heart rate, and heart rate variability to make a real-time assessment of your ability to perform compared to your average fitness level. Performance condition values range from -20 to +20. After the first 6 to 20 minutes of your activity, the device displays your performance condition score. For example, a score of +5 means that you are rested, fresh, and capable of a good run or ride. You can add performance condition as a data field to one of your training screens to monitor your ability throughout the activity. Performance condition can also be an indicator of fatigue level, especially at the end of a long training run or ride.

NOTE: The device requires a few runs or rides with a heart rate monitor to get an accurate VO2 max. estimate and learn about your running or riding ability (About VO2 Max. Estimates).
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