Pairing the Camera with a Garmin Navigation Device

You can pair the camera with a compatible Garmin® navigation device. For more information about compatible Garmin devices, go to the product page at

  1. Update your navigation device to the latest software.

    Your device may not support the BC™ 40 camera without the latest software. For more information about updating the software, see the owner's manual for your navigation device.

  2. Install batteries in the camera.

    The camera enters pairing mode automatically, and the LED flashes blue while the camera is in pairing mode. The camera remains in pairing mode for two minutes. If pairing mode expires, you can remove and reinstall the batteries.

  3. Bring the compatible Garmin navigation device outside your vehicle and within 1.5 m (5 ft.) of the camera, and turn on the navigation device.

    The device detects your camera automatically and prompts you to pair with it.

  4. Select Yes.
    TIP: If the navigation device does not detect the camera automatically, you can select Settings > Wireless Camera > Add New Camera to pair with it manually. The location of the pairing menu may vary by device model. See the owner's manual for your navigation device for additional pairing instructions.

    The device pairs with your camera.

  5. Enter a name for the camera (optional).

    You should use a descriptive name that clearly identifies the location of the camera.

  6. Select Done.
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