Viewing the Map

  1. Select an option to open the map:
    • Press START, and select Map to view the map without starting an activity.

    • Go outside, start a GPS activity (Starting an Activity), and press UP or DOWN to scroll to the map screen.

  2. If necessary, wait while the watch locates satellites.
  3. Select an option to pan and zoom the map:
    • To use the touchscreen, tap the map, tap and drag to position the crosshairs, and press UP or DOWN to zoom in or out.

    • To use the buttons, hold MENU, select Pan/Zoom, and press UP or DOWN to zoom in or out.

      NOTE: You can press START to toggle between panning up and down, panning left and right, or zooming.
  4. Hold START to select the point indicated by the crosshairs.
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November 2023