Downloading Maps with Outdoor Maps+

Before you can download maps to your device, you must connect to a wireless network (Connecting to a Wi‑Fi Network).

  1. Hold MENU.
  2. Select Map > Map Manager > Outdoor Maps+.
  3. If necessary, press START, and select Check Subscription to activate your Outdoor Maps+ subscription for this watch.
    NOTE: Go to for information about purchasing a subscription.
  4. Select Add Map, and select a location.

    A preview of the map region appears.

  5. From the map, complete one or more actions:
    • Drag the map to view different areas.

    • Pinch or spread two fingers on the touchscreen to zoom in and out of the map.

    • Select Zoom in and Zoom out to zoom in and out of the map.

  6. Press BACK, and select Check mark.
  7. Select Edit.
  8. Select an option:
    • To edit the map name, select Name.

    • To change the map layers to download, select Layers.
      TIP: You can select More information to view details about the map layers.
    • To modify the map region, select Selected Area.

  9. Select Check mark to download the map.
    NOTE: To prevent battery drain, the watch queues the map download for later, and the download starts when you connect the watch to an external power source.
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May 2024