Setting Your Power Zones

The power zones use default values based on gender, weight, and average ability, and may not match your personal abilities. If you know your functional threshold power (FTP) or threshold power (TP) value, you can enter it and allow the software to calculate your power zones automatically. You can manually adjust your zones on the watch or using your Garmin Connect™ account.

  1. Hold MENU.
  2. Select User Profile > Heart Rate & Power Zones > Power.
  3. Select an activity.
  4. Select Based On.
  5. Select an option:
    • Select Watts to view and edit the zones in watts.

    • Select % FTP or % TP to view and edit the zones as a percentage of your threshold power.

  6. Select FTP or Threshold Power, and enter your value.

    You can use the Auto Detection feature to automatically record your threshold power during an activity ( Detecting Performance Measurements Automatically).

  7. Select a zone, and enter a value for each zone.
  8. If necessary, select Minimum, and enter a minimum power value.
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June 2024