Charging the Device


To prevent corrosion, thoroughly clean and dry the contacts and the surrounding area before charging or connecting to a computer. Refer to the cleaning instructions in the appendix.

The device is powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery that you can charge using a standard wall outlet or a USB port on your computer.

  1. Plug the USB end of the cable into the AC adapter or a computer USB port.
  2. Plug the AC adapter into a standard wall outlet.
  3. Align the hinged side of the charging cradle Callout number one with the groove on the bottom of the device.

    Close-up view of the charging cradle connecting to the device with callouts
  4. Snap the top of the charger Callout number two onto the device.

    When you connect the device to a power source, the device turns on.

  5. Charge the device completely.

    Battery symbol indicates the battery charge level.

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