Using the Metronome

The metronome feature plays tones at a steady rhythm to help you improve your performance by training at a faster, slower, or more consistent cadence.

  1. Hold Menu symbol.
  2. Select Settings > Apps.
  3. Select an activity.
    NOTE: This feature is not available for all activities.
  4. Select Metronome > Status > On.
  5. Select an option:
    • Select Beats Per Minute to enter a value based on the cadence you want to maintain.

    • Select Alert Frequency to customize the frequency of the beats.

    • Select Sounds to customize the metronome tone and vibration.

  6. If necessary, select Preview to listen to the metronome feature before you run.
  7. Hold DOWN to return to the clock.
  8. Go for a run (Going for a Run).

    The metronome starts automatically.

  9. During your run, select UP or DOWN to view the metronome screen.
  10. If necessary, hold UP to change the metronome settings.
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