Going for a Hike

Before you go for a hike, you should charge the device (Charging the Device (pinch-type charger - fenix 3/watches)).

  1. From the watch face, select START.
  2. Select Hike.
  3. Go outside, and wait while the device locates satellites.
  4. Select START to start the timer.

    History is recorded only while the timer is running.

  5. Start your activity.

    The device records a track while you hike.

  6. When you need to take a break or pause the device from tracking, select STOP > Resume Later.

    The device saves the status of your hike and enters low power mode.

  7. Select START > Hike > Resume to resume tracking.
  8. Select UP or DOWN to view other data pages (optional).
  9. After you complete your activity, select STOP > Save.
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