About Training Effect

Training Effect measures the impact of an activity on your aerobic fitness. Training Effect accumulates during the activity. As the activity progresses, the training effect value increases, telling you how the activity has improved your fitness. Training Effect is determined by your user profile information, heart rate, duration, and intensity of your activity.

It is important to know that your Training Effect numbers (1.0–5.0) may seem abnormally high during your first few runs. It takes several activities for the device to learn your aerobic fitness.

Training Effect



Helps recovery (short activities). Improves endurance with longer activities (more than 40 minutes).


Maintains your aerobic fitness.


Improves your aerobic fitness if repeated as part of your weekly training program.


Highly improves your aerobic fitness if repeated 1–2 times per week with adequate recovery time.


Causes temporary overload with high improvement. Train up to this number with extreme care. Requires additional recovery days.

Training Effect technology is provided and supported by Firstbeat® Technologies Ltd. For more information, go to www.firstbeattechnologies.com.

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