Training with Running Dynamics

Before you can view running dynamics, you must put on the HRM‍-‍Run™ accessory and pair it with your device (Pairing ANT‍+ Sensors). If your epix™ was packaged with the HRM‍-‍Run accessory, the devices are already paired, and the epix is set to display running dynamics.

  1. Select an option:
    • If your HRM‍-‍Run accessory and epix device are already paired, skip to step 8.

    • If your HRM‍-‍Run accessory and epix device are not already paired, complete all the steps in this procedure.

  2. Hold Menu symbol.
  3. Select Settings > Apps.
  4. Select an activity.
  5. Select Data Screens > Run Dynamics > Status > Enabled.
    NOTE: The running dynamics screen is not available for all activities.
  6. Select Primary Metric.
  7. Select Cadence, GCT, or Vertical Oscillation.

    The primary metric appears as the top field on the data screen with a corresponding position on the color gauge.

  8. Go for a run (Going for a Run).
  9. Select UP or DOWN to view the running dynamics screen to view your metrics.

    Screenshot of the running dynamics
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