Installing AA Batteries

Instead of the Lithium-Ion battery pack (Installing the Lithium-ion Battery), you can use four alkaline, NiMH, or lithium AA batteries with an optional AA battery pack (not included). This is useful when you are on the trail and cannot charge the Lithium-Ion battery pack. Use NiMH or lithium batteries for best results.

The AA battery pack contains two parts.

  1. If necessary, turn the D-ring counter-clockwise, and pull up to remove the battery pack from the device.
  2. Push down on the lever inside the AA battery pack Callout number one to separate the two parts Callout number two.

    Close-up view of the battery pack being disassembled with callouts
  3. Insert four AA batteries, observing polarity.

    Close-up views of batteries installed in the device
  4. Starting at the bottom, connect the two parts of the battery pack together and press until the top locks into place.
  5. Align the metal contacts on the battery pack with the metal contacts on the back of the device.
  6. Press and hold the battery pack in place.

    Close-up view of the battery back being installed
  7. Turn the D-ring clockwise to secure the battery pack onto the device.
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