Searching for a Geocache

You can search the geocaches loaded on your device. If you are connected to, you can search live geocache data and download geocaches.

NOTE: You can download detailed information for more than three geocaches per day with a premium membership. Go to for more information.
  1. From the app drawer, select Geocaching.
  2. Select Geocache list > Magnifying glass.
  3. Select an option:
    • To search the geocaches loaded on your device by name, select Spell Search, and enter a search term.

    • To search for geocaches near you or near another location, select Search Near, and select a location.

      If you are connected to, the search results include live geocache data obtained by GC Live Download or by selecting the refresh button on the map.

    • To search for nearby geocaches on the map, select View map.

      If you are connected to, you can select Refresh to refresh live geocaches that are near your location on the map.

    • To search for live geocaches by code, select GC Live Download.

      This feature allows you to download a specific geocache from when you know the geocache code.

  4. Select Filter to filter the search results (optional).
  5. Select a geocache.

    The geocache details appear. If you selected a live geocache and you are connected, the device downloads the full geocache details to the internal storage, if necessary.

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