System Settings

From the app drawer, select Setup > System.


Allows you to adjust the satellite system settings (Satellite Settings).

Text Language

Sets the text language on the device.

NOTE: Changing the text language does not change the language of user-entered data or map data.

Sets the communication interface mode to Garmin Spanner, Garmin Serial, NMEA In/Out, Text Out, RTCM, or MTP.

Configure Keys

Sets the power key or user key as a shortcut to a menu, setting, or application.


Sets the main menu to look like a classic outdoor handheld device main menu or an activity-based main menu.

NOTE: This device is set to Classic by default. Changing this setting to Activity significantly alters the user interface, radio features, and activity recording features.
Battery Type

Sets the battery type for the device.

NOTE: This setting only appears when the optional AA battery pack is installed.
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