Radio Setup

From the radio app, select Menu > Radio Setup.

Send Location

Enables sending position information when you transmit to other Rino® users.

Allow Polling

Allows polling requests from other Rino users.

Power Level

Sets the power level used to transmit using GMRS channels in the United States and Canada, and UHF CBRS/PRS channels in Australia and New Zealand. If the battery level is too low to support transmissions using higher power levels, the value of this setting decreases automatically.

Squelch Tone Mode

Sets the squelch mode (Changing the Squelch Tone Mode).

Repeater Channel

Enables the GMRS repeater channels in the United States, and the CBRS/PRS repeater channels in Australia and New Zealand. GMRS repeater channels are not available in Canada (Repeater Channels).

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