Routing Settings

The available routing settings vary based on the activity selected.

From the app drawer, select Setup > Routing.


Sets an activity used for transportation while routing. The device calculates routes optimized for the type of activity you are doing.

Calculation Method

Sets the method used to calculate your route.

Lock On Road

Locks the blue triangle, which represents your position on the map, onto the nearest road. This is most useful when driving or navigating on roads.

Off Route Recalculation

Sets recalculation preferences when navigating away from an active route.

Avoidance Setup

Sets the types of roads, terrain, and transportation methods to avoid while navigating.

Route Transitions

Sets how the device routes from one point on the route to the next. This setting is available only for some activities. The Distance option routes you to the next point on the route when you are within a specified distance of your current point.

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