Device Operation

You can operate this device using a combination of hardware key and touchscreen actions.

Front view of the device and the main menu with callouts

Callout number one


Swipe down to view widgets (Viewing Widgets) and the battery gauge.

Callout number two

Call key

(Call key)

Select to transmit an attention tone on the current channel.

Hold to send an emergency alert (Emergency Alerts).

You can customize the function of this key (Customizing the Keys).

Callout number three


(Power key)

Select to adjust the backlight.

Hold to turn the device on or off.

Callout number four



Hold to transmit on the current radio channel (Transmitting).

Callout number five

Main menu

Select the radio dashboard at the top of the main menu to launch the radio app.

You can customize the dashboard on the main menu (Customizing the Dashboard on the Main Menu).

Select the shortcuts to launch applications.

You can customize the shortcuts on the main menu (Customizing the Main Menu).

Callout number six

Volume keys

Select to adjust the volume.

Callout number seven

App drawer

(App drawer)

Swipe up to open apps and Connect IQ™ apps.

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