Broadcasting Heart Rate Data During an Activity

You can set up your Forerunner® device to broadcast your heart rate data automatically when you begin an activity. For example, you can broadcast your heart rate data to an Edge® device while cycling, or to a VIRB® action camera during an activity.

NOTE: Broadcasting heart rate data decreases battery life.
  1. From the heart rate widget, hold UP.
  2. Select Options > Broadcast During Activity.
  3. Begin an activity (Starting an Activity).

    The Forerunner device starts broadcasting your heart rate data in the background.

    NOTE: There is no indication that the device is broadcasting your heart rate data during an activity.
  4. If necessary, pair your Forerunner device with your Garmin® ANT‍+® compatible device.
    NOTE: The pairing instructions differ for each Garmin compatible device. See your owner's manual.
    TIP: To stop broadcasting your heart rate data, stop the activity (Stopping an Activity).
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