Altimeter Settings

Press PAGE to scroll to the altimeter page, and press MENU. Select Altimeter Setup.

Auto Calibration

Once allows the altimeter to automatically calibrate one time when you start an activity. Continuous allows the altimeter to calibrate throughout the duration of your activity.

Barometer Mode

Variable Elevation allows the barometer to measure changes in elevation while you are moving. Fixed Elevation assumes the navigator is stationary at a fixed elevation, so the barometric pressure should only change due to weather.

Pressure Trending

Sets how the navigator records pressure data. Save Always records all pressure data, which can be helpful when you are watching for pressure fronts.

Plot Type

Records elevation changes over a period of time or distance, records barometric pressure over a period of time, or records ambient pressure changes over a period of time.

Calibrate Altimeter

Allows you to manually calibrate the barometric altimeter (Calibrating the Barometric Altimeter).

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August 2023