Controlling Your VIRB Camera Remotely

These instructions allow you to enable the remote control feature for one camera or for your main camera. If you have multiple cameras, you should follow the instructions for controlling multiple cameras remotely (Controlling Multiple VIRB Cameras).

  1. On your camera, from the main menu, select Wireless > Remote, and select the toggle switch to turn on the remote control feature.

    The camera searches for a nearby main VIRB® camera.

  2. After the search times out, select X symbol.

    The remote control settings appear, with this camera set as the main VIRB camera.

  3. Select an option:
    • On your compatible Garmin® device, launch the VIRB app or feature. See the owner's manual for the device for more information.

    • On the VIRB remote, follow the pairing instructions in the accessory manual.

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